easyNag - smart monitoring management

easyNag is the most innovative, fastest and simplest app to interact with your Nagios, Icinga, OP5 Monitor, OpsView, Thruk/Naemon, Centreon or checkmk monitoring system.

App Features

Easy and customizable

Setup is easy, no server-side modifications needed. easyNag offers lots of filters and settings to customize the app for your needs.

Performance & Speed

easyNag is optimized for fast loading times and high performance.

iPhone & iPad

The app is available for iPhone and iPad.


Your stored data never leaves your device.

Technicians love to use easyNag, especially during on-call duty - in order to be able to react quickly to alarms and to get a detailed overview.

- Overview of all problems, hosts and downtimes
- Check details of your hosts and services
- Show scheduled downtimes
- Show parents and children of hosts
- Show acknowledgement author & comment
- Graphs
- Acknowledge problems
- Downtime hosts and services
- Recheck hosts and services
- Disable notifications of hosts and services
- Schedule downtime
- Acknowledge / Downtime until next business day
- Bulk actions
- Quick swipe actions
- Master Control for checkmk
- Connect without server-side modifications
- Save & connect to multiple instances
- Filter (State filter, Only unhandled, Regex filter)
- URL scheme (easynag://)
- Manage system-wide notifications
- Customizable
- Dark Mode

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App Store Reviews

easyNag has an average rating of 4.8/5 stars.

App Store Review
The best there is

This app excels in all the ways you’d expect. Easy to setup, manage and use. Nice multi-select is a treat to have, as are the swipe conveniences. Getting quick looks at the pnp graphs work really quickly for services as well.

App Store Review
Works great

This app works well with CheckMK (Nagios frontend). Does everything I need it to do. Nice job. 👍🏼

App Store Review
Funktioniert perfekt mit Icinga2

Super umgesetzt, schnell und übersichtlich. Die aktuell beste iOS App für icinga2 die es im AppStore gibt. Sowohl über icingaweb2 als auch über die API sind alle wichtigen Funktionen verwendbar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Centreon
- checkmk Multisite
- Icinga Classic
- Icinga Web 2
- Icinga API
- Nagios 3.x / 4.x
- Nagios XI API
- OpsView API
- Thruk 2.x
- Thruk API
Setup is easy - just add a new instance with the URL to your monitoring system, your username and password. No server-side modification needed.

Centreon Example: https://example.com/centreon

checkmk Example: https://example.com/sitename/check_mk

Nagios Example: https://example.com/nagios/cgi-bin

Nagios XI Example: https://example.com/nagiosxi

Icinga API Example: https://example.com:5665

Icinga Web 2 Example: https://example.com/icingaweb2

Icinga Classic Example: https://example.com/icinga/cgi-bin

OP5 API Example: https://op5.example.com

OpsView API Example: https://opsview.example.com

Thruk 2.x Example: https://example.com/thruk/cgi-bin

Thruk API Example: https://example.com/thruk

You can choose between US (Default), EURO, ISO8601 and STRICT-ISO8601 date format, dependent on your monitoring configuration. At instance setup you can also set a "default ack" message, which will be used for instant acknowledge.
The date format depends on your monitoring setup. If you use Nagios Core, Icinga Classic or Thruk, check the "date_format" setting in your main configuration file.

For other monitoring systems (e.g. Centreon, checkmk, Icinga API / Web 2) the correct format is already preselected.

US (Default): 12-24-2014 20:00:00
EURO: 24-12-2014 20:00:00
ISO8601: 2014-12-24 20:00:00
STRICT-ISO8601: 2014-12-24T20:00:00
With the easynag:// URL scheme you can open or acknowledge a service or a host directly from a notification (e.g. Pushover/Mail/Prowl etc.).

Open host: easynag://?host=HOST&instance=EASYNAG_INSTANCE_NAME

Open service: easynag://?host=HOST&service=SERVICE&instance=EASYNAG_INSTANCE_NAME

Acknowledge host: easynag://?host=HOST&instance=EASYNAG_INSTANCE_NAME&action=ack

Acknowledge service: easynag://?host=HOST&service=SERVICE&instance=EASYNAG_INSTANCE_NAME&action=ack

No internet connection: Your iPhone is not connected to mobile network or WiFi. Please check your connection settings.

Can't connect to host: A connection to the given host isn't possible, maybe you have entered a wrong URL.

Unsupported URL: Your URL isn't supported or invalid.

Request timed out: The connection request timed out.

SSL connection failed: An error occured while attempting to establish a SSL connection.

SSL verification error: The SSL certificate of the given URL isn't trusted. Make sure your certificate is valid, otherwise activate "Accept any SSL Certificate" in the settings of the instance (not recommended).

Error: got status code 401: (Unauthorized). The authentication failed. Make sure you have entered the correct username and password.

Error: got status code 404: (Not found). Check if your URL is correct and valid.

Error: Login failed Login to your instance failed. Check your credentials and your webserver logfile.

Parsing Error: An error occured while parsing your instance. Maybe your version is unsupported.

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